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Lonely Writings and Unkept Promises

My heart still bleeds for you.....


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August 21st, 2005

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Well, I've finally found a perfect way to keep my poem/songs and all that crap on the computer without having to worry about it crashing and losing everything YET AGAIN. In my opinion, most of the stuff I write is very sucky and depressing and none of it should be taken seriously. Writing is my way of letting out anger or thoughts that I either don't want to share with people or have overshared. I'm not too keen to have the whole world read this crap but if you ask me to friend you, I probably will. Suppose it all depends on who you are. Feel free to give criticism, I get enough of a laugh over my 'writing' all by myself, I'd love to laugh at me with your creative bashings too.

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